Tai Chi Y2D269: still rise up

We have a snow delay of 90 minutes this morning. It’s tempting, of course, to lounge in bed and not get up and do tai chi at the regular time. I’ve learned in the past year, though, that this is a mistake. Get up and do the work at the appointed time anyway.

The reason is that ninety minutes seems like all the needful time in the world to get things done. But it isn’t. There’s a host of new responsibilities that come along with that block of time, like getting the car started and shoveling the parts of the driveway that need it, and bundling against the cold. That time will be gone on the tasks occasioned by snowfall. Don’t trust it.

But more than that, recognize that your schedule is in fact more important than the world’s hurly-burly. You stick to your schedule. Let the world make shifts around you, or declare unexpected holidays, or whatever. Stick to your schedule of practice. Make your efforts count for your goals.

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