Tai Chi Y2D229: walk through

I had a hard time getting started today. The whole house smells of chicken soup from the bird carcass I began converting to stock last night. Yummy. But I was warm and cozy in bed, and not very eager to get up.

In the meantime, I’m almost back at the point where I can slap hands on the floor. I can put my palms on the floor with diligence and care, but not slap the floor. So, progress back toward where I want to go.

My calves and thighs are really strengthening up, too. My mother, when I was first beginning tai chi, would complain that my squats did not keep my upper body vertical — they tended to flatten out my upper body so that it was at a weird angle to the ground. However, gradually I’ve been rising from the deep angle to a less inclined angle. I’m almost straight up and down on squats, and just about able to do that the full time without moving my feet. Gravity challenge and body mechanics challenges, both on their way to being overcome.

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