Tai Chi Y2D220: Twice Through With Feeling

This morning, I didn’t experience any reluctance about getting out of bed and getting my tai chi routine started.  So I went for it: I did the tai chi form twice.  A lot of my focus the last few days has been on the qi gong forms, but those were all right today.  However, the speed has crept back into my tai chi form, so it didn’t take very long this morning. I did it a second time, as a result.

No particular challenges with the forms this morning, other than the basic tai chi taking too little time.  A lot of the main challenges these days are internal; on Friday I had an unnecessary outburst of anger, and I’m not sure where it came from.

Update: Oh, right, I forgot.  This is my 3500th post on this blog.  Pretty amazing that I’m still at this game.

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