Tai chi Y2D217: jack in the box

Today wasn’t a reluctant tai chi day. The alarm went off at 5am and I was doing the first part of five golden coins by 5:04am. I liked these kinds of days where I have the energy to begin and continue right away.

In fact, I got off to such a good start. Within minutes, I had sweaty armpits and a sweaty back. It seems silly to think of these things as markers for quality exercise, especially when I’ve been doing these same motions daily for a year and a half. Aren’t there better indicators? But no, as it turns out… there aren’t. Sweat is one of the indicators of aerobic exercise.

Think about that. Instead of taking most of a half-hour to reach optimal cardio workout phase, I was in the right mode to be burning fat and getting a cardio work out by 5:10 am. More, the attention to my feet and the placement of my weight this week has paid off. I started the week with a lot of trouble keeping my balance. This morning, I kept my feet planted through both qi gong exercises, and didn’t experience any unbalancings during the tai chi form.

And I feel great!

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