Tai Chi Y2D213: Relaxed Morning

I woke up at 5:00 am but I lazed around in bed until 6:00: writing, meditating, and generally going over my plan for the day.  Then tai chi.  It was an elegant flow-through of the form this morning.  There were a lot of popping joints and snapping muscles today, though — a side effect of a lot of sitting on Saturday and Sunday:  at my desk, in my car, in restaurants with my parents.  But the qi gong forms were excellent.  So, I sat down to type the entry, and I got as far as this…

And then I realized: Wow, I only did the two qi gong forms. I didn’t do the tai chi form yet.

I guess I really am relaxed.  So I just did the tai chi form, and suddenly I feel compete and awake and alert, in a way I didn’t feel fifteen minutes ago.  Funny how that works.  I can’t say that my tai chi form was up to par, or slow enough, or any of the things that I look for in a tai chi day.  The qi gong work was great, though, and I feel energized.

But part of me is alarmed, because how did I almost forget to do my core practice.  Part of me is amused, too, because my body knew that I hadn’t done it yet, and kept giving me signals that I should do it, until finally my fingers typed out the awareness for me.  That’s pretty funny — and it suggests that I won’t really get away with it for long if I try to stop.

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