Tai chi Y2D210: choreographer

Yesterday I found myself in the role of accidental choreographer for a mini dance company of middle schoolers, lower schoolers and kindergartners getting ready for our autumn games. So I channeled my inner Twyla Tharp a la The Creative Habit, and got to work. I didn’t do too badly. But without tai chi at all, I think I would have been lost.

The “button and zipper” technique is proving very effective at regulating my breathing during the two qi gong forms and the tai chi form. It’s helping tuck my butt under and hold my spine in the correct posture. It’s also flattening my abdomen against my spine and correcting my posture.

I can’t say today’s tai chi practice was awesome. A six or a seven against my single best performance ever, which we’ll call a ten. The challenge is that every time I have anew personal best day, I widen the scale of the possible, and change where six and seven are. So this won’t be a regular rating. Just an observation.

There’s been sort of a perpetual autumn cold going around at school, and I haven’t gotten it. A few rough snuffles maybe, but no full-on cold or fever. I’ve had three incredibly late nights in a row: finishing up grades and comments. And I credit tai chi for keeping me healthy through the cold, despite the poor sleep habits of the last few days.

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  1. And this is what all spiritual practices aim for… do that act and finally it will do you (it becomes a habit) so you are harnessing the habit to propel you to your goal by overcoming any resistance with the energy of a “good” habit.

  2. In response to Quinn: If you start out with “I’m going to do do X for 573 days, it’ll be pretty daunting. I found, when it began my daily AM yoga practice, I said to myself, “I’m going to do THIS, right now.” The more frequently I perform the act, the ritual and repetition of it, the the more the ‘little things’ get out if the way and the practice is maintained.

    I wanted to add the practice of flossing my teeth to my evening routine. I picked up an app, called Lift, that’s designed to help promote the creation of habits. I list the habit, and you get approbation from others by completing the habit. (Check out http://lift.do ) I found that I now floss nightly and actually need a reminder to check in with the habit of checking in with the app!

    My advice: Do the thing, start it small and then do a little bit more.

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