Tai Chi Y2D205: Before the Rains

THis morning I was working my way through the tai chi form and the two qi gong form outside.  My form was pretty good, but doing the half-spin and the full spin on grass is always pretty challenging. Basically, if I do the spins, I rip up the grass and make a mess of the lawn; if I don’t do the spins, I have to do this sort of awkward hopping motion several times to turn to the correct position.

When I was done with the qi gong forms, though, there was a pair of deep footprints pressed into the grass.  My footprints.  Apparently I did a very good job of grounding today.

As I did the forms, a light drizzle was starting to come down, but it held off from being full-on rain until after I was done.  Now it’s pouring.

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