Tai chi Y2D184: humid discomfort

Today’s tai chi was sweaty and hot and uncomfortable. It’s beastly warm outside. And inside… I got up at 1:30 or so to turn on the air conditioners, but they haven’t helped. It’s steamy and hot inside, even so, and I’m dripping from the practice that I started at around 4:45 — not because I worked myself hard, but that the environment is difficult.

As a would-be Druid, I have an uncomfortable relationship with cars and air conditioning. I’d like to think that we could do without — I’d like to do without — but I know that without cool air circulating this morning, I’d be avoiding the forms for as long as possible. And maybe they wouldn’t get done. At all.

Today’s practice wasn’t particularly challenging or difficult. It was sort of perfunctory, actually, because I was so uncomfortable from the heat and the humidity. I’ve not slept well, and I’ve got a important meeting this morning. All of these things contribute to a morning practice that just wasn’t as attentive as I might like.

My big insight this morning: environment matters. Not just in the “save our environment” mindset, but in the sense of doing tai chi or any martial art in differing weather conditions. The place and the physical conditions under which we practice and train, while external, nonetheless have an effect on our training.

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