Tai Chi Y2D168: Database hiccup

This morning, two entries: apparently after I wrote yesterday’s entry, I didn’t shift it from being a draft to being published and visible.  Not sure if it was driver error in this case or computer error.  Could be either, really.

Today is the first day of school.  In a little over two hours, I’ll be watching the new students settle into their first orientation meeting of the day, and doing my part to get them ready for the nine months ahead.  It’s a bit of the reason why I’ve been doing tai chi this long; but when I think about it, this is only the second time since I started doing tai chi that it’s been the first day of school: I began this sequence in March 2012, so my first day of school while doing tai chi would have been in late August 2012. You can read that entry here.  I’m not sure if this is a milestone, or merely a bookmark to say that I’ve come so far.  Curiously enough, I’m searching for a new piece of paper for my dad and for me.  Although this time I know exactly where it is:  organizing one’s filing cabinets takes a while, but gives good results.

I did tai chi twice today, partly because I didn’t feel the first time was memorable; and partly because I didn’t feel settled after doing it the first time. The second time through helped quite a bit.

Yesterday I spoke at MoMondays New Haven — the link appears to be down at the moment, so there is a Facebook group, and eventually there will be video of me talking about my first forays into alchemy.  I think the speech went very well; I’ll post a link when I have it, here.

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