Tai Chi Y2D163: focus on the form

In light of yesterday’s challenges, I decided to focus on the tai chi form today, and I’ll likely continue to focus on the form for the next few days. I won’t be devoting as much time to the qi gong routines, at least in part because I feel that they’re overemphasizing certain parts of my body and not giving enough attention to other areas.

I’m thinking in particular of my back and belly muscles. While it’s unlikely I’ll ever display a six-pack of abs, I’m aware that these muscles are now pretty well developed, in part because of the toe touches in Eight Pieces of Silk, and the movement called Join Heaven and Earth in the five golden coins routine. On the one hand, having the ability to bend over and grab something on the floor is good; on the other hand, I’m doubling up on these exercises, and not getting nearly as much effort out of the twists at the waist or the leg lifts or the kicks which only appear in the form. So, I’ve been overdoing some sequences and not doing others as well. So that’s the reason for the refocusing of my efforts.

I think it’s too early to tell what the results of this refocus will be. But I enjoyed doing the form three times through for a change, rather than spending so much time on the qi gong.

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