Tai Chi Y2D157: clearing.

Today’s practice was heavy. More specifically, I’m heavy. I’ve eaten well the last few days; I haven’t gotten enough exercise; I could do with more cardio… Et cetera,

It doesn’t help that I’m doing a LOT of Earth-related work at the moment, or that school orientation for faculty starts next week. This whole school year beginning again is throwing me for a loop. It’s not unexpected. It happens every year. It’s just, “where did summer go?”

The upshot of all of this is that today’s tai chi practice felt heavy. Every squat and every rise felt rigid and awkward. The movements of snake creeps down was sluggish. Chi is not moving well. It’s accumulating in odd ways, and it’s making me feel thick.

Oh well. I’ve been at this long enough to know that this too shall pass. one of the interesting results of all of this Earth-working, though, is that my mother held my arm the other day, and said, “you’re usually so hot. Right now you’re cool. And dry. How is that happening?”. My mother specifically identified the characteristics of energy that Earth-energy is supposed to have. The energy I’m trying to embody is the energy she was feeling. How cool is that?

But at the same time, it makes me want to move on to the next layer of this work.

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  1. Very interesting, your mom’s comment. As I was reading along up to then, I was thinking to myself how it was probably the Earth energy more than a few day’s indulgence of food.

    • And so it proves. After writing this morning’s entry, I got up and did the DOGD’s version of the Lesser Pentagram Ritual in summoning form. Then I did the earth summoning Pentagram ritual, then the banishing; then the same thing for Water; then the same thing for Air; then the same thing for Fire; then the Lesser Pentagram Ritual in banishing mode; then the Central Ray (DOGD’s version of the middle pillar. Heaviness feels gone; I feel balanced and charged and open… I’ll have to remember this sequence. It’s useful!

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