Tai Chi Y2D152-3: Beginning and Ending

Yesterday I performed my tai chi routine at the start of the day, barely fifteen minutes after I got out of bed. Today I performed tai chi at the end of the day, just a few minutes ago.

Yesterday was a complicated day.  The weather was beautiful, but I did the work indoors instead of outside — the bugs were too fierce.  On the other hand, the crowded house was nearly silent — I was the only one up for a good long while, and I got to drink my coffee and read my news feeds in relative peace.  I started an entry a couple of times, but I didn’t feel wedded to the idea of posting about yesterday.  It wasn’t a terribly interesting practice, for one, although it was a little while of delicious solitude.  In a sense, the work I did yesterday felt really quite removed from what I usually do — it was slow and relaxed, at a gentle pace, and totally removed from the usual cares of getting my day started.

And today…

What to say about today?  I slept on someone’s couch last night, and woke up shortly before 4:30 am with a loving, insistent cat eager for snuggles.  I’m not normally allergic to anything, but my throat was cloggy and grating.  Uncomfortable. The room in which I awoke was small, and too crowded with furniture I wasn’t really comfortable with moving; outside was a neighborhood with which I was totally unfamiliar in Boston…  I slept fitfully until 8 am, and got on the road to come home after chatting with mine hosts for a while around 9:30.  I stopped off in Worcester to see a friend of mine who’s interested in networks and programming, to get ideas about running computer projects for kids, and to chat about our visions for the upcoming world.

And then home.

I’ve been away for a while, so it’s taken me a bit of time to set the house in order. There was a plumbing problem, so there was dust in the bathroom and kitchen from the reconstruction.  Putting things away, getting the house in order, moving things around, cleaning up, doing some art… but it was hard to get started.  Hard to get back to a routine after a while away from it.  When to start? How to start?

Finally, after putting it off from almost 2 in the afternoon until 8:30 pm, I got started.  And instantly, my body responded.  Why did you leave it so longDoesn’t this feel good?  Why didn’t you do this earlier? What kept you away?

And now, I feel better.  I feel great, in fact.  A lot of the heaviness and slowness I’ve felt all day began to fall away, and I now am experiencing a degree of lightness and freeness that has been missing since I awoke this morning.  Why did I leave it until so late?  What kept me away from the work for so long?

No matter.  It’s done, and I’m back on a schedule of sorts, and it’s nice to be under my own roof for a little bit.

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