Twenty-Three Things: Activity 15 — Wiki Sandbox

I’ve challenged some of my colleagues to take the 23 Things challenge to become more invested in online learning this summer. This website includes a 10-week game plan for learning some online learning and presenting methods that are useful for teachers, and that are appropriate activities for the age group we teach.  There are other 23 Things lists out there, I know, but this is the one that we’ve chosen to work with, and that I’ve decided to complete.

The previous entries in this series are here:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Discovery
  3. Setting Up a Blog
  4. Starting with Flickr
  5. Find some Flickr Toys and Tools
  6. Blog about the role of tech in your classroom
  7. Initial experiment with RSS Readers
  8. RSS Readers continued
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Web 2.0 Activty
  11. YouTube & Video
  12. Podcasts
  13. eBooks
  14. Wikis (a disaster story)

Activity 15: Wiki Sandbox

 This activity is about going and trying out some wiki maneuvers.  I’ve done this.  I’ve edited articles on Wikipedia, I ran my own wiki for a while (see Activity 14), and I’m not wild about them, alas.  I wish that I could think of something different to do with them besides run an encyclopedia.

But, I did do some new experimenting over the weekend.  And I’m not happy with the results.  Delete, delete, delete.

OK, but one of the things which may be useful is setting up a Makers’ Grimoire using a Wiki page rather than a Blog page.  So I did that, and I’ll try it. Does anyone think such a thing will be useful? Will anyone use that, or contribute to that, rather than simply adapt my existing blog list to their own purposes?

Let me know.

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