Twenty-Three Things: Activity 12 — Podcasts

I’ve challenged some of my colleagues to take the 23 Things challenge to become more invested in online learning this summer. This website includes a 10-week game plan for learning some online learning and presenting methods that are useful for teachers, and that are appropriate activities for the age group we teach.  There are other 23 Things lists out there, I know, but this is the one that we’ve chosen to work with, and that I’ve decided to complete.

The previous entries in this series are here:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Discovery
  3. Setting Up a Blog
  4. Starting with Flickr
  5. Find some Flickr Toys and Tools
  6. Blog about the role of tech in your classroom
  7. Initial experiment with RSS Readers
  8. RSS Readers continued
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Web 2.0 Activty
  11. YouTube & Video

Activity 12: Podcasts

So, the purpose of this activity is to find some podcasts that are worth listening to, and experiment with podcasts — that is, audio files in a series or sequence designed to do something: read a book, teach a skill (like a language), or help someone understand a subject without the use of pictures.


My favorite podcast of all time is the 12 Byzantine Rulers Podcast by Lars Brownworth.  He’s got an exciting reading voice, his podcast is well-scripted, and he had a clear sense of what he wanted to teach — beginning, middle, and END. That’s most important.  But, I’ve already listened to this one.  So I’ve decided to beef up my Latin skills by including this podcast in my regular program:

Latinum: the Latin Language Learning podcast:

I’ve downloaded them to my iPhone, and I’ll try listening to them when I’m driving places, and see if it helps me become a better Latin teacher.  I found a couple of others, but the first few episodes are sufficiently odd that I’m not sure I’m going to recommend them on my blog.

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