Tai Chi Y2D135: On Sand

Today’s got to do my tai chi on a beach. I’m staying with my parents who live walking distance to a tidal river, so I was able to go down to the waterfront, and do my two qi gong routines on the strip of land exposed at low tide.

Sand is both dense and slippery. It doesn’t behave like a wooden floor stall, or carpet. Or anything else, really. During the spins and turns, I found that my feet dug into the sand and formed divots. I had great control on the spins, but I then had to re-step out of the hole I’d drilled to get my footing again. The result was a much more complicated form than I’m used to.

I was also able to slow down my form again, given yesterday’s debacle, but not to the point where I’d like it to be. The use of (or at least the mental awareness of) tensegrity in my tai chi practice has been quite helpful, but I haven’t integrated it into my practice yet.

Before tai chi, I did eight laps in the swimming area. That was highly beneficial for breaking up whatever lingering issues I’ve been having with my lower back. I’m back to touching my toes correctly, and the twists on the moves like, Punch Low to Left and Right andpick apples in the orchard are less bothersome than they have been.

I’ve been getting signals from my body, though, that tai chi is no longer enough exercise my itself; come fall, I may have to start going to the gym or something. Maybe I should start bicycling to work; that would fit nicely with the Druidry work I already do….

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