Tai Chi Y2D133: springiness

I’ve started today’s entry several times, but not made much progress. I guess I wasn’t really in a writing mood. Alas. It’s a terrible thing to not want to write when one has an obligation to do so (even a self-imposed one).

This morning I was able to do tai chi as normal, but there was an unusual springiness in my movements. I think that the transference of motion from muscles and gravity to tense gritty a little white ago is starting to pay some dividends. Also, as part of my birthday program, I took some time to rehearse my fire-spinning skills with a contact staff. I must admit, I wasn’t very good, and I bopped myself in the nose and on the head more than once.but my teacher Aaron said to me, when I was learning, “hey, if you’re saying OW! often enough, that’s good. it means you’re practicing!”

And so it is with tai chi. If your knees hurt a little at the beginning, that’s good. It means you’re practicing. If you’re tired and you feel unbalanced after a few weeks of practice, that’s good. It means you’re practicing. If you’re springing and bouncing after a year and a third, that’s good, it means you’re practicing.

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