Tai chi Y2D106: start well

Three breaths before beginning. Three long deep breaths. Three, deep, prolonged inhales and three, deep, belly-led exhales. Hands become heavy, then light. Float up to first position. Wrists tense, fingertips loose and point skyward. Bend elbows, draw the hands backward to the shoulders, then push down. Bend the knees and keep pushing down. Twist at the waist, carry the “football of energy” on the right hip. Step out with the left foot. Extend the left arm and hand palm inward, protect the tailbone with the right, ward off left. Carry the “football of energy before you, twist to the right. Step out with the right foot. Extend the right arm and hand outward to form a sphere bubble between the body and that hand; protect the tailbone with your left hand. Ward off Right Roll your weight to the left foot, then roll it back to the right foot as left hand comes up to press against right hand. Shift weight back and forth again as both hands Push. Shift the weight to the left foot, bring left hand up to touch right elbow, as right hand points straight onto the sky with bent elbow. roll back.. Shift weight to right foot pivot left foot to face opposite direction. Swing arms low to face the new left-foot direction, and bring left hand under right hand to form “saucer” to right hand’s “cup”. Buddha’s Palm shift weight forward and strike — shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, grip. single whip.

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