Tai Chi Y2D105: Three Times

I felt great this morning. So great, in fact, that it was easy to do the tai chi form three times. It’s taken me about an hour to do tai chi this morning. I’m sweating. Not just a little, a lot.  I feel great.

Yesterday’s ‘break-through’, of having my stomach fold inward rather than outward, continued. For me, this feels huge. Touching my toes has always been a problem; the last day or so it’s been not simply easy, but fun. This is a new energy and a new part of the path.  Yay!

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  1. When I’ve had one of these breakthroughs, and I’ve had a few, they come suddenly and are permanent. I love how you said yesterday “It felt like my body saying, “Oh, is this what you’re trying to do??” And then doing it. Easy. Not hard. Energizing. Active.”

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