Tai Chi Y2D80: heat wave

Connecticut is warm these days.  OK, hot.  It’s ten minutes to six, I’ve done my tai chi, and already the apartment is unseasonably uncomfortable. Welcome to the new normal.  After I did tai chi, I put the second air conditioner (left by my neighbors upstairs, when they moved out) into the window.  I didn’t turn it on yet — there was a squirrel on the porch staring aghast at me through the open window. What are you doinghis expression seemed to say.  You’re a druid… you don’t need air conditioners…

Practice was fine — neither good, nor bad.  I’m intensifying my practice at one point or area because I keep messing up — the section from Stand Like Tree all the way to False Close.  I keep losing my balance in there, or leave out a movement or two.  It’s annoying, but the only way to fix it is to concentrate on that section for a while.

As noted in an entry late last night, I’ve been blogging for more than four years on WordPress.  But I keep finding entries that demonstrate that I’ve been at it for a lot longer than that — the fact that I keep finding entries from 2003 and 2002 suggests that I’ve been doing this a lot longer than I think I have: not always usefully.  Ah well.

It’s also the case that I’ve been doing tai chi, off and on, for a lot longer than I think I have.  I learned my base forms in 1997-1999, and I’ve been practicing haphazardly up until about fourteen months ago. How long will I keep going?

No idea.

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  1. Do you ever stop and say “When do I stop breathing?”. YOu do the daily practice of ritual to get things done. Are you also going to stop showering? Brushing your teeth? A Tai-Chi or yoga practice might not seem as ‘neccessary’ in our modern world, but these meditative practices were creative by humans for humans to be humans.

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