Tai Chi Y2D78: sweaty

This morning I was much more aware and functional and precise. I didn’t get out of bed in a timely manner, but once I got started, I did fine. The forms flowed neatly (except for one small bit near the beginning of the tai chi form — I stopped, and re-started the whole movement sequence). There weren’t any problems with distraction or avoidance of the work. So far so good.

The weather has really changed in the last little bit, though. It’s been relatively cool and dry, but this morning the humidity is different. And the result was sweatiness. I’m not sure it’s the workout that’s done this to me — it feels like the environment rather than self.

Is there a difference, though? I mean, the place where I practice has a lot to do with whether I have a good or a bad practice. The weather conditions of the day have a grand influence too. And even whether my bed was comfortable or not the previous night. High altitudes make me gaps for brea, and humid days make me sweaty. On the one hand it’s easy to tell where I end and the world begins. On another level, deeper than the other hand, the world and I interpenetrate one another to such a degree that I cannot tell you where I begin and the world ends. We’re none of us as separate as we’d like to believe.

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