Tai Chi Y2D76

As I mentioned in my last post, I had brunch/lunch with my dad yesterday.  He hasn’t seen me in a few weeks.  He said, “You’re looking good. Fit.”  He pat-slapped me on the belly.  “You’re getting that gut under control.”

Except I’m not.  Weight hasn’t changed except by a couple of pounds in a year and a half.  This is my weight.  Maybe I can redistribute it from fat to muscle and bone, but it’s not going to be going away.   Even so, there’s definitely changes.  I think that all the toe touches and belly-twisting exercises are finally starting to reach my core.  I sit differently, and I stand differently, and I work differently.  It’s challenging in some ways: I’m putting my computer in different places around the house, and working in different locations, because how I sit and work is changing my work-flows.  It’s weird.  How does one manage these changes?

I’m not aware of the day-to-day changes, but my dad is, and this meet-up was a good reminder that I’ve changed quite a bit from how I used to be.  I’m projecting energy differently, and I’m embodying energy differently, and I like how these things work out.


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