Tai chi Y2D66: teeth and bones

What with one thing and another,I haven’t gone to e dentist in a while. Over two years. I went yesterday. The curious thing is, my teeth were in pretty not-good shape back then. They weren’t bad — i wasn’t experiencing bone loss or about to lose teeth, but was experiencing some gum infections, and I had some incipient cavities forming. Bad stuff… But I ignored it for a year, and then another year more. And in the meantime, I took up tai chi daily for a year.

Correlation is not causality. Not scientifically anyway. But there have been studies over the decades that tai chi can help older people mitigate the effects of osteoporosis, and that it can improve bone density. So keep that in mind.

Yesterday, the dentist noted the presence of the broken facial plate on one of my teeth, something installed on my tooth 20 years ago, and decided that needed replacing… But otherwise my teeth were fine. Bone density, great. No cavities, either incipient or formed. Nothing requiring significant work at all.

Part of me goes, huh.. Part of me thinks, tai chi. And truly, I’ll never know one way or another.

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