Tai Chi Y2D56: Breathe

It really does come down to breathing, in the end.  Don’t hold the breath, don’t force the breath, don’t belabor the breath, don’t not-breathe.  Keep breathing.

Today’s practice was uneventful.  I mean, that’s sort of what they’re supposed to be.  Uneventful.  I made a mistake relatively near the beginning.  I stepped out with the right foot instead of the left, and started to do Push instead of Throat Strike.  I was able to recover the mis-position, and find the correct movement in the moment, and do that instead.  Yes, I still make mistakes in practice, and yes, there are steps that I do that I don’t do as well as I’d like.  But it’s sort of not the point of the work to acknowledge how well or poorly you do the work on any given day.  My worst day last week was better than anything in my first month of tai chi a year ago.  And the internal changes are continuing, long after the physical work of the tai chi daily has become easy.

So it goes.

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