Update on 30/30 Poetry project for April

I rashly swore that I’d produce 30 poems in April this year, after going years and years without.  And by my count, I’ve produced and published nineteen. . Here are links to the published ones; you can check if I made an error in tallying them…

  1. April Greetings
  2. On first reading Avicenna
  3. Poem: For a Muse
  4. For the Sun in Exaltation
  5. For Greenleaf
  6. For the Pleiades
  7. For Venus
  8. For the Moon
  9. For Mars
  10. For Mercury
  11. For Jupiter
  12. For The Sun
  13. For Saturn
  14. Quatrains on Geomancy
  15. First of two experimental sonnets
  16. Second of two experimental sonnets
  17. a Sonnet about Cuba
  18. A sonnet about my dad
  19. Arrival over South America

There are two others that I’m not sure I like well enough to publish.  So… 24 days into April, and I’ve written 19 “published” poems.  I’m five poems behind, which is not as bad as I thought I was doing (and some of them are rather long, major pieces, like the Quatrains on Geomancy and the Seven Neo-Orphic Hymns).

How are you doing at writing thirty poems in April?

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