Tai chi y2d30: alternating lungs

There’s a point in the form, which location varies from time to time and sometimes doesn’t happen at all, when I breathe in but no air seems to get into my lungs. Because it doesn’t occur in the same place every time as I do the form, it’s been hard to track. However, I just noticed something else about this little catch in the breath: when I breathe in and yet it feels like I don’t get any air, the air is flowing primarily through one nostril…. and then on the second inhalation, the air is flowing primarily through the other nostril. I switch which side of my nose is in use day by day.

I’ve read about the idea that one lung does most of the work at a given time, and they switch off every half hour to forty minutes. But I never connected this particular body experience with the event of this catch in the breath. Apparently they’re related.

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