Tai Chi Y2D27: Tremble in the Toes

Today I was trembling in my toes as I did the qi gong forms.  I think it was that I had held a couple of postures a little longer than I usually do.  That led to additional pressure on parts of my body I don’t usually use that much.  But more, I think it’s a side effect of deeper horse stances.

This is where I have to be very careful.  Of late I’ve felt a lot of pressure on my knees.  Partly this is me carrying too many extra pounds.  Partly this is me overworking a critical pair of joints in my body.  And that gets reflected in my toes — the place where my body meets earth.

Thanks, Nik and Christina, for great suggestions about books and concepts.  That sounds right on track, actually. Warm and moist body for the most part, coolish liver, and really weird differentials between Western and Chinese medicine…Right up my alley of interests about now.  Thank you.

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