Tai chi Y2D5

Not anything special this morning, in terms of the form. I did it late because i was out last night until late, and school is actually a professional development day today. I wasn’t able to maintain yesterday’s slowness, but I at least started out at that tempo. I think it’s going to be asteroid climb to those heights. Not impossible. But taking a while.

I’ve also added a bout of meditation to my practice. I’ve been on-and-off serious about it, but not in a dedicated or disciplined way. It’s time. I’ve tried starting it with fifteen minutes a day. Too much. Exhausting and not productive. I’m trying six minutes. It’s more than five, it’s pointing the way to a ten-minute practice, and it’s easier to make small changes than big changes. I also know I’ll have a chance to meditate again, later in the day.

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