Pop-Up: High Priestess


The Tarot fascinates me. I’m not sure I’m a good professional tarot reader but I’m able to use a tarot deck reasonably well for myself. It provides me with good writing ideas, and themes in my life, and I find it useful.

Today after I built my islands and ship card – my most complex card to date, not that I’ve been at this long — one of the pieces reminded me of the pillars of the temple, J and B. and that, of course, reminded me of the high priestess who sits between them. So I tried building her.

Not so great.

But hey, not so bad either. We produce a lot of crunky stuff in the work. Yet the crunky stuff is actually what’s building the skills in our minds. Even if I never return to a tarot theme in my pop-up building efforts, I can say that I have found a way to open the energetic door that leads to her.

Although, it appears ill have to build her again. Somewhere between the Design Lab where I built her, and my classroom, she’s vanished and gone away. How like her that is.

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