20th Mansion: al-Na’am “the Beam”

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This effort at doing the 20th Mansion of the Moon was much more successful than my last one. (Apparently I’m growing in power and strength as I do this work… )There’s something about the intersection of man and horse that’s intimidating. And the lack of background behind the centaur is currently annoying — but I’m not sure I know how to get the scale correct between foreground and background.

What is this sensation I’m experiencing? Oh right… It has a name. It’s fear. I’m afraid.

Having mastered some of the techniques I’m using here — like line, and operating from drawing “how to” manuals, and the geometrical rules for the page layouts — I encounter a set of drawing challenges based on previous conditions, and I hesitate. I hold back from completing the work beyond what I’ve already done.

How wonderful! Evidence of magical change instituted through the Mansions of the Moon — I can achieve different mental states by reaching a new plateau in my artistic practice, and holding back or hesitating from accepting the challenge presented by the next level. Funny, that.  (And it’s similar to the feelings of breaking rules or trying NOT to break rules, that I experienced while drawing the 18th Mansion of the Moon.)  And yet.

And yet, it shows just how deeply into this game it’s possible to go. You’re always going to hit a limitation of your current skill or your current awareness. There’s always a new challenge to overcome. And it’s fun to overcome them. As difficult or as awful as overcoming a challenge may be, it’s nonetheless pointless to be afraid of a drawing.

Let us therefore be determined! Take on the challenges of Mars and the Moon, of Jupiter… Go find that which you seek.

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