Taiji day 297: return of force

Today, after what feels like several weeks of light duty and low impact workouts, I had a good workout that left me sweaty and strong. I like days like that. There’s still a bit of a grabber in my lower left back, but it’s clearly getting better rather than worse. It was still a tai chi routine in a hotel room rather than my own studio or my own room. Even so, there’s a lot to recommend doing tai chi in odd places all over the country, or I suppose the world.

Yesterday’s Barbiel experiment went partially well. I made it home from Atlanta to Hartford, but not from Hartford to home. Douglas Adams said there’s good reason that no culture in the world has ever invented the idiom, “as pretty as an airport.” But it turns out that a shut-down airport in the middle of a blizzard, with the ground crews trying to plow the runways and the taxiways, and the sight of people struggling to their cars, while you’re in a hotel room high above it all looking out on a frozen wasteland of machinery and Tarmac, is quite interesting. I was wired from the trip and from the effort involved in getting a hotel room lined up and arranged. So I watched for a while.

I think the next step for me is to start learning the left hand form.

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