Taiji Day 294: messages from the massage

Weekly massage ought to be a part of any preventative health care regime. I had one today from a highly qualified professional, and I’m glad to say that he eased out all of the left-hip issues I’ve been having for weeks. He identified three of their root causes, and fixed all three in progressive order. And he did so largely by watching me walk into his office, and assessing how I stood when I shook his hand. That’s awesome.

The issue was with my soaz muscle. I’m not sure that’s it’s official name, but it’s deep in the front of the body, under the rib cage. It generates all the lift needed to pull the leg up to about 30* (degrees). But, because of tension in my lower back (guys— stop carrying your wallet in your back pocket!) the muscle contracted and hadn’t snapped back. So, after a lot of pressure on my soaz muscle, it released, and then he smoothed out other tensions.

Consequently, tai chi today was quite easy. But — and this is a hard one — he asked if I was doing both the left side and right-side tai chi? And I realized my form tends to favor the left foot as the weight-bearing member. Oops. So I’m going to have to start learning the left-hand side, where the right foot bears most of the weight. As usual, one cannot be an adept in the light until one has done the apprenticeship in the dark. Hmm.

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