Taiji Day 289: Rewriting

It turns out that my lovely, well-written blog post today was eaten by the WordPress demons, so you all missed out on my scintillating and insightful commentary on today’s tai chi practice.  I would like to tell you what I said, exactly, but I forget what my insights were.  Oh, well.

Of late, my left hip and lower left back have been hurting.  It’s in the wrong place to be a kidney stone, and it’s a dull, intermittent ache rather than a sharp pain, so I don’t think it’s kidney related; I think it’s muscular.   It manifests mostly keenly when sitting down or standing up (rather than after achieving a sitting position or a standing position).  It also feels like a weakness — I don’t know how to explain this perfectly, but it almost feels like the parallel muscles in the right side have gotten so strong that they’re pulling things out of alignment on the left side.  Weird.

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