11th Mansion of the Moon

11th Mansion of the Moon

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Here’s the eleventh mansion of the Moon. Again. Written on the white board in purple marker. Fast.

I’m getting better at producing this imagery on the fly. The kavad helped, certainly, but it makes me wonder about my abilities to produce a kavad in wood; I might have done better producing small icons in paint on wood grounds, rather than trying to do them all in pen first. Hmm.

One of my students asked why I included all the lines on the background. "to add depth, of course," someone said. But it wasn’t me. It was one of the kids in my class. And that was joyful. Because it was exactly the answer I would have given. Because it was exactly the right answer: adding the lines, and darkening the background, made the foreground pop.

The kids are learning about drawing and about art without even meaning to. And that excited me a lot.

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