Taiji Day 244: Reverse Order

I woke waaay too early this morning… popped awake about 3:00 am, with Ke$sha’s “”Dance like we’re gonna die young” running through my head like a strand of diseased DNA .  Gaah.  Yikes.

Painting of moon sign
Moon sign

But I’ve mostly successfully banished that little brainworm from my morning, and though I’m still hideously tired, I’m at least functional. And so it was a perfect day to do my three forms in reverse order — beginning with the tai chi form, then moving to eight pieces of brocade, and ending with five golden coins. It’s good to switch up the order a bit from time to time; while I don’t move individual postures around within each form, doing them in a different order leads to a subtly different workout, and a different experience.  I also did it in the living room, where the rug flips back to reveal a beautiful wood floor that’s perfect for some of the spins in the main form.

Continuing with my color studies, I did this small painting of the Moon sign last night, with the background in the dark blue of the King scale (projective energy), and the curvature of the moon in a pale purple, the Moon’s color in the Queen scale (embodying energy).  I wasn’t able to do the full set of experiments with color, because I found that I didn’t have time to try — the blue paint was very fast-setting, and if I wanted to do the purple Moon at all, I was going to have to hurry.  Maybe this is what Bob Ross meant by, “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents.”  I was hoping that the brush strokes on the background would look like waves, but they don’t, really. Oh, well.  If you’re not painting, you’re not learning how to paint.  If you’re not doing tai chi, you’re not learning how to do tai chi.

That’s sort of the point of all this work, I think.  I’m here to learn things, and learn new things, and there’s an intensity of experience which comes from dedicated practice.  Sometimes that means doing things backwards.  Sometimes it means doing things in a hurry that you thought were going to be leisurely.  Sometimes it means waking up at 3:00 am and figuring out how to go back to sleep.


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