Taiji Day 242: Amidst Turbulence

Today, as I prepared to do tai chi, I was in a house filled with company.  So it’s all about picking your moment, and doing the work during the window that presents itself.  People will wander by during the work, but if you’re prepared and you’ve already started during a quiet moment, there’s no problem.

It was perfunctory, not quite boring.  I’m discovering that there’s a little ‘click’ that you can do with the wrists and shoulders during some movements that adds extra force to the hand during an ‘attack’ move, though.  I’m not exactly prepared to use it in combat, but it’s interesting to be able to find such things through dedicated practice.  And it’s interesting that it presents itself on an otherwise ‘ordinary’ day, with lots of other stuff going on.

On the other hand, it DIDN’T present itself today.  It’s arriving.  I probably had a hint of it a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m aware of it as a potential, and it may take several more weeks or months to manifest to the point where I can do it reliably.  It’s pretty cool to make the discovery, but I do wonder how many of these secrets or discoveries are waiting to be found.  It’s kind of like the concept of “gamification”, where you give out badges or trophies whenever a student unlocks a certain set of experiences or skill paths.  I’m unlocking this ‘wrist click’ skill, and earning chits toward being able to do it in the real world.  But there’s no experience point total to see… I can’t look at my own character sheet, at least not directly.  I don’t have access to the database that lists my points total or shows which powers are ‘checked off’.  I just have to wait for it to happen.

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