Taiji Day 225: Rise and Perform

Getting up this morning to do tai chi, while not exactly easy, was less difficult than in previous days.  It’s like, having gotten up and managed despite difficulty, my body gave up fighting the battle and let the intention win.  I like that.  The movements were relatively easy this morning, and not burdened by a whole lot of baggage about “I don’t feel well” or “this is too hard” like that last few days.  It was just, “get up and move.”

The other side of that is, I’m moving, but I’m not necessarily succeeding at the internal changes which are supposed to occur.  It’s hard to know if they’re happening.  I have, generally, very few health problems, so that’s good — lately I’m having lingering problems staying hydrated, which may be a result of the performance and fire-breathing on Saturday.

I had some technical difficulties to solve for someone else yesterday morning, so yesterday’s entry, written but not published, went life today, along with a whole series of backed-up entries.

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