Taiji Day 199: Go Easy

This Entry was Drafted on September 21, 2012, but due to some complications in my day, not published until a panicked search for it.  See the Update at the end of the entry.

A daily practice is about running a marathon, or even not running at all. Today my legs hurt; and because of a poor sleep night, I was up yesterday for almost 23 hours straight. (Parent Information Night turns into a LONNNNG day). I even slept past my usual wake-up time by hitting “snooze” four times — that’s an extra thirty-six minutes.

In any case, yesterday was a hard workout, and deep. Today was shallow and easy. Not every day of a daily practice has to be at 100% intensity. It’s about doing the work, not going overboard. And it was surprising how easy the work was today. It’s a challenge every day to get up and do it; but it doesn’t have to be challenging in the moment.

Update: Phew.  I wrote the entry for September 21 after allThe events of October 14 are a little surprising, but at least I have some independent confirmation that I did the tai chi on this day.

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