Taiji Day 211: Wake Up, Body

This morning my eyes popped open, and I had a chance to do about five minutes of breathing exercises before the alarm went off. Increasingly, my body is waking me up before the alarm, and telling me to go do tai chi.  My performance during the routines was… hmm… lackluster.  But I get to do it again tomorrow.  This whole, “Do it every day” thing is starting to becoming engrained in my blood and bones, and my body is deciding to do it on a more regular schedule, and it’s waking up for that schedule.

The body shifts are more subtle.  I definitely stand better, and more easily.  There’s more muscle mass on my body than before, though it accumulates slowly. It’s hard to press the workout to the point of sweating every day, so I don’t. I notice an elevated heart rate during the routines sometimes, but not always.

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