Taiji Day 208: Breathing. Again.

It always comes back to breathing, doesn’t it?

Today, I took my own advice.  I got out of bed.  I did breathing for a couple of minutes before I began, and only then did I begin moving. I didn’t rush.  I tried to do one thing at a time (I’m not sure I’ve talked about that yet).

And it took a half-hour to do all three sets of postures.  The form was the hardest of the three to work breath correctly, and I don’t really think that I succeeded.  Alas. I’m definitely doing better at this, though.

A post came to my attention the other day because it was suddenly getting a lot of interest: 5 or six views in one day, instead of one view every few months.  Rereading it gave me an immediate design exercise, and made me realize that I have a massive archive of stuff here, some of which may prove to be useful fodder for the new Maker’s Grimoire (which may shortly have its own blog).  So from time to time during these Tai Chi posts, if I have time in the morning, I’m going to do my own archive search about what I was doing on this day at various times…

Archive Search:


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