Taiji Day 200: integration of East and West

This morning, at the end of my tai chi routine, I performed a short ritual known as the Sphere of Protection from the Druidic society to which I belong, AODA. I can’t say that I like the Sphere of Protection much. It’s feels a little precious and precocious, and more than a little overly formal. If I’m going to reinvigorate my Druidic practice, which I feel contributes generally to my overall health and well-being, I going to have to include this in my practice.

The practice of tai chi today, otherwise, was pretty good. Some days the experience of doing five golden coins seems to drag and take forever; other days it zips by. Today, all three sequences zipped by, and flowed with relative ease. I like days like that. The aches in my legs from doing horse stance consistently seems to have passed, and I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job with the work even so.

Update: This was the entry for Day 200, not 201 as originally reported.

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