Taiji Day 183: Half a Year

Today marks the halfway point of the year of tai chi I started (without knowing that’s what I started).  It turns out that 183 days is half of a year (2×183=366), and that I’ve been at this for that length of time.  Sometimes I’ve been at home, and sometimes away, sometimes outside and sometimes inside, sometimes in air conditioning and sometimes in sweaty and humid heat… day in and day out, on and on.

Part of me feels like I’m beating my head against a wall with this.  Stepping into the office this morning from the nice, cool bedroom was like walking into a sauna.  What happened??  I can’t recall ever being this eager for the arrival of autumn.

Part of me is enjoying the routine.  Another part of me is doing mathematics, and discovering that I’ll be finishing up my first year of daily tai chi sometime in the first week of March — March 6, to be precise.  How strange to finally have a target and a goal.  How weird to know that the goal is entirely artificial, and that I could just have easily looked backward to see when Day 1 was. Of course, the calculation I just did, and the looking backward for entry #1 don’t match. Welcome to incommensurability.

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