Taiji Day 164: thyroid

I’m reading this book about health, diet and exercise, and I’ve gotten to the section about sleep.  It asserts (unfortunately without references) that the thyroid regulates a lot of the body’s hormonal systems, and that a good night’s sleep recalibrates the thyroid so that it raises your metabolism.  It further asserts that if you pop out of bed in the morning, your thyroid is functioning properly. I don’t know whether this is so or not, but I do know that I pop out of bed in the morning eager for the tai chi routine most mornings now. Starting next week I’ll be doing it an hour earlier, so I hope that trend continues.

This morning I was doing a mixture of hard and soft style movements. The hard, fast movements create a snapping noise in my joints and muscles that I recall from karate lessons so long ago.  The slow, “soft” movements are more difficult because there is a tendency to rush, to move faster… One almost trembles from going slowly enough — the body, my body, isn’t used to having to exert this much control over movement.

On the other side of the mountain, there is another mountain.

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