Two kids

Two kids
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I was working in Bread Euphoria, a coffee house in Williamsburg, MA, today. And a couple of kids were showing a great degree of interest in what I was doing. Their mom, their dad, and grandparents were dissuading them from being nosy or overly interested, but kids’ curiosity can rarely be contained.

So I painted their portraits. I had some of those little artists’ trading cards in my bag, and some brush pens. They’re definitely in a Sachiko Umoto style, but they’re my work. I wish I’d centered them better in the page, so they could more easily be framed — but I think they turned out well.

And they left with these little art cards, to remind them. Of course I signed them. You never know if my work will be valuable someday. Maybe I just paid for their college educations. 🙂

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