Taiji Day 158: Without Goal

This morning, as I started doing tai chi – Eight pieces of silk first, then the form, and last the golden coins — I realized that I’m basically happy with my practice.  It gets me up in the morning, and it gets my blood and breath circulating.  It hasn’t helped me lose weight (I weigh the same today as the day I started, but I have some muscles now, and they’re growing), but it’s helped me improve my posture and my poise.  It’s rearranged some internal energy channels, and it’s boosted my nominal Reiki practice, and it’s increased my sense of calmness and centeredness.  What’s not to like?

There’s obviously more to do, but this morning I realized that I’m perfectly happy to let those things come in time, as my practice continues.  It’s not about improving or slacking off; it’s not about working one more kink out the system; it’s not about getting my tummy flat or my biceps bigger (though those things would be nice); it’s not about being able to stand up to someone in a fight; it’s not about being able to balance on one toe for 11.5 minutes.

If you don’t have a daily practice, you might ask, well, if it’s not about those things, why are you doing it? And I don’t really have an answer that you’d understand.

No wait.  Yes, I do.

“It makes me happy.”

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  1. I took up T’ai Chi last winter and I would never ask, “Why are you doing it?” Those of us who practice T’ai Chi know. Thank you for sharing your insights as you do this every day. I don’t have anyone else to talk to about it except my instructor, so your posts are helpful and thought-provoking.

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