Page from a Memory notebook

Page from a notebook

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Zentangle… is a style of artwork based on repetitive patterns and designs. By combining it with both traditional and non-traditional calligraphy, things like this Mandala emerge.

Talking with a friend tonight, we discussed the ways in which image can be combined usefully with text in order to “key in” our memories with specific places in a book. I decided to put this theory to the test in a book to consist of texts and images that I would like to remember. Here are the four “Resh” texts, or greetings to the Sun at the gates of the day — dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight — surrounding a sun mandala that also depicts Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I think it’s beautiful and elegant… my girlfriend thinks it’s beautiful, but slightly OCD.

Via Flickr:
I learned two things from this — I need more practice drawing flames, and I love making mandala shapes. I haven’t decided whether to color it or not, yet.

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