Made the HBJ with my school

So… My school got a nice write-up in the Hartford Business Journal, with an article about the design thinking program there.  Is the news about the kind of program we’re running, getting out to the public?  Yes.  Is it being noticed? Apparently, though it never hurts to draw a little additional attention to it.  Is it serving the goal of getting our program noticed, and getting more students and parents and families in the door?  Remains to be seen.

All the same, I’d be lying if I didn’t get a little excited about this.

The Independent Day School of Middlefield is the state’s first institution to adopt a new problem solving initiative called design thinking.

Design thinking is a method of problem solving that promotes leadership, creativity, and teamwork. Students, educators, and employees have found the process of researching, brainstorming, visualizing, and creating to be beneficial when working toward accomplishing a goal. Nearly all problems can be solved, but they require recognition that the solution often involves a degree of positive thinking.

“Failures and challenges are things to be overcome instead of expected boundaries,” said Andrew Watt, director of the school’s design lab. “The core of design thinking involves this philosophy.”

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