Taiji Day 146: moving posts about daily practice?

This morning, I did the form first, followed by five golden coins, followed by eight pieces of silk. It wasn’t as effective as yesterday for making me sweat, but it did raise a lot of energy.

On Thursday I ran into a former student from my old school, and he was startled. “You’ve lost weight, or at least changed how you stand.” Truth is, I haven’t lost weight, but how I stand has indeed changed quite a bit.

Peregrin, over at the Magic of the Ordinary, has a blog post about boundaries, and I’m wondering if these daily posts are proving useful to anyone besides myself. I have another blog, and I’ve been thinking about shifting posts about daily practice over to that site, and keeping this for teaching stuff. Do the readers have any opinions about that?

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  1. Hmm… as long as you keep posting, anywhere is fine 🙂 This blog is great for many reasons and I read all the posts 🙂 Thanks.

    • This blog is great for many reasons and I read all the posts

      I’m not sure whether to be alarmed by that, or pleased. It’s all too easy to walk off a cliff in this line of work we call teacher-blogging. Even more so when you’re striving to work with such divergent practices to achieve results…

  2. I read every day, and was just telling someone how much I enjoy and gain thoughts from this. If you do move, make sure there’s a link…thanks!

  3. I do have separate blogs; one for spiritual work and results, and another for other types of entries. For me, it helps to separate what are two very distinct types of writing and worlds. If you do move your entries for daily practice, I assume you’ll leave a link for that. I enjoy your posts. 🙂

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