Taiji 140: comfort in my skin

Today’s tai chi practice was nothing special. No portals opened to new dimensions, no particular insights revealed themselves with heavenly choirs. I just realized I was comfortable in my skin. This may sound ridiculous. Of course you’re comfortable in your skin. but most of the time I’m not. So it’s startling to me that I am.

Except I said, there weren’t any great insights today. There weren’t. It wasn’t like I was comfortable in my skin today, and I wasn’t yesterday. The shift wasn’t that startling. I can’t point to any moment in the past when I wasn’t comfortable in my skin, and knew it, and a day when everything changed, and then I was comfortable in that same skin. There’s just an awareness that today I’m comfortable in the skin I have, and that it’s been this way for a long time. Nothing special. No great insight or new dimensions of practice. Just the way it is.

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