Kavad 4.6 – water row

Kavad 4.6 – water row

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So… I’ve realized (because I’m a stats whore, alas), that I’m within striking distance of having my best month ever for this blog. But that means showcasing what I’m working on, today, more than a little. So expect a LOT of little updates today here, as I show off what’s going on with the Kavad 4.6 prototype. If you were thinking that a friend of yours might be interested, or if you think it’s an interesting project, I’d appreciate the notice today, as I try to push over the top. I need maybe 50 views above my usual traffic, so this would be appreciated.

Via Flickr:
I decided to ink the backgrounds of the three water signs. You can see that I’ve also done Aquarius in the upper right.

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