Fwd: Kavad – 4.7 begins

Fwd: Kavad – 4.7 begins
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Kavad 4.6 is done – all the outside layers now have some sort of decoration on them. Time to begin the “middle layer”.

Talking with a friend of mine, I realized that I went about this wrong. Not unfixably over the long haul, but awkwardly for this round. Really, stuff that’s common knowledge, like the zodiac should be on the outside — it’s public data. But seeing the interior is an initiate’s journey, right? So stuff like the signs of Geomancy should go inside, not outside. Hmm.

Oh, and I can’t remember which direction the Wheel of the Year goes in. If Litha (summer solstice) is at the top, and Yule (winter solstice) is at the bottom… is Samhain to the right or to the left of Yule?

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